World’s First Hemp Plane!


Author: Neil Nathan

A company based in Waterloo, Ontario is building a hemp-based, hemp-fuelled aircraft that will have a much smaller carbon footprint than standard planes.

Derek Kesek plans to be flying on cloud 9 in the world’s first hemp plane next year!
Kesek revealed at first people laughed when the former organic restaurant owner said he was going to build a plane made out of hemp.

“Can you smoke it, too?”

they asked jokingly.

“But, they’re not laughing at me now,”

the environmental activist told reporters last month.

Last month his Waterloo-based company, Hempearth, signed a contract with a Florida-based plane manufacturer to build an aircraft made almost entirely out of hemp.
A member of the cannabis plant family, hemp is a tall, green and leafy plant with a strong fibrous and thick stalk. It is used to make clothing, soap, rope, oil, food, construction materials and now, planes!
Kesek truly believes his hemp aircraft could revolutionize the world. —

“just like Steve Jobs did with his phones.”

“Because hemp is a versitile and sustainable crop that requires no pesticides or herbicides to grow, the plane would have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than that of standard planes.” he said.

“We are building this essentially from weeds from the garden. When nickel and other elements are taken, they can’t be put back.”

At least 75 per cent of Kesek’s plane — including its wings, seats, pillows and outer shell will be made from hemp, instead of fibreglass.
The four-seater jet will be the colour of natural hemp fibre, with a wingspan of 36 feet (12 metres).

Do you think Derek could be on to something?? Leave a comment express your thoughts.

Source: Toronto Star


2 thoughts on “World’s First Hemp Plane!

  1. Thanks for stopping by Self-help Health and liking my post. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, plus it helps me find out what they’re up to, like this new blog of yours. Keep up the good work and I think this plane idea is grrrreat. Am going to post a link on Facebook right now.

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