Marijuana Policy Project Billboard Ads


Author: Neil Nathan

An extremely interesting  and unique story in the States caught my attention and must be shared. Billboard adverts launched this week by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) in Seattle and Denver that encourage parents to keep marijuana out of reach of children. The ads are part of a broad public educational campaign urging adults to “consume responsibly” in states where marijuana has been legalized.

The billboards feature a small child looking at what could be a glass of grape or ‘purple drank’ those of familiar with Dave Chappell and a few cookies that could or could not be infused with marijuana. The billboard reads, “Some juices and cookies are not meant for kids,” and urges them to, “Keep ‘adult snacks’ locked up and out of reach.”

MPP spokesperson Mason Tvert was accompanied at the Monday unveiling of the billboard by Jane West, a marijuana consumer and mother of two small children, who serves as director of Women Grow, a national organization dedicated to helping women influence and succeed in the cannabis industry.

West stated, “We need to treat marijuana like any other product that is legal for adults and not meant for children, a marijuana-infused cookie might look like a regular cookie to my four-year-old, just as a glass of wine might look just like grape juice. Whether it’s marijuana, alcohol, or household cleaning products, it’s our job as parents to keep them locked up and out of reach.”

Do you think these ads are necessary for the public to see? Leave a comment to share your thoughts..



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